Make Up Artist – About Me

2In 1869 Fëdor Dostoevsky wrote “Beauty will save the world.” I like to think of my own profession from these words; I’m a Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist and my job consists in bringing out the beauty: from the uniqueness of what might look like a small defect, up to traits that reveal the passion and temperament of each person.

In a way, I have followed my mother’s footstep: my mother has a hairdressing salon and, as a child, I had occasion to observe for hours gestures, techniques and moods that characterize the moments devoted to a woman’s appearance and wellness.

I’ve always had a passion for lipsticks, eye shadows and brushes, but I began to think about the Make Up as a true profession by attending the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan. During a Director class, we talked about Buster Keaton and the fact that the actors of the past, going from theater to film, were forced to change not only their way of acting, but also how to wear makeup.

Struck by this idea, I started observing the faces of people with different eyes, as a Make Up Artist. More and more frequently I found myself fantasizing about how to “paint” a face, to bring out the best of each person.

Thanks to the Academy, I took my first steps in the theaters of Milan and Turin, taking care of the Make Up of actors and dancers. Even on the basis of these experiences, I wrote my thesis for the academic degree, a work entitled “The make-up and magic”, dedicated to the evolution of the Make Up from theater to film.

I completed my training as a Make Up Artist with several internships and courses, including a series of lectures at the Studio Mario Audello in Turin, and a course at BSI Academy in Milan,
school of Stefano Anselmo, Diego Della Palma and Mario de Luigi.

b04ExToday I work in different fields: services for brides, Make Up for photo shoots and fashion shows, Body Painting, FX and makeup for theater, cinema or theme events.